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Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden says, that labour costs in Germany was almost 3 times higher than in Poland (Y2023)!  

1 May 2024

Labour costs in Germany around 30% higher than the EU average, Germany in sixth place compared to the EU, reported the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden on 24 April 2024. 

Labour costs in Germany was higher than in Poland

A working hour in the manufacturing sector is 44% more expensive and a working hour in the market services sector is 25% more expensive than the EU average. 

Companies in the manufacturing and service sectors in Germany paid an average of €41.30 per hour of work in 2023. According to the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), labour costs in Germany were the sixth highest in the European Union (EU-27).  

In comparison, labour costs in Poland in 2023 were €14.50 according to the same study. 

In the German manufacturing industry, an hour of labour cost an average of €46.00 in 2023, some 44% more than the EU average (€32.00) and three times more than the average labour cost in Poland.  

The attractiveness of outsourcing services provided in Poland is confirmed by the huge scale of cooperation between these neighbours. Since there is still a lot of work in the electronics production process that cannot be automated or, for medium-scale production and variable volumes, is simply unprofitable, outsourcing these activities to experienced cooperators from Poland seems to be a recipe for maintaining good profitability in a competitive market.  

Outsourcing production to Poland seems to be a recipe for maintaining good profitability