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Since 2002 we have been providing services of comprehensive electronic logistics for electronic system manufacturers.

This is not just an order-based assembly, but rather a whole logistics system allowing Customers to carry out their business activity without the need to extend subassembly warehouses, semi-product/final product warehouse, without extending purchasing department personnel.


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We provide:

  • deliveries of components from our own warehouse,
  • deliveries of PCBs and stencils,
  • assembly compliant to the requirements of IPC-A610D standard,
  • optical inspection (including automated optical inspection),
  • inspection using X-rays,
  • functional tests,
  • maintaining ESD regimes throughout the process,
  • rich experience of technical personnel,
  • tracking of each product during the whole production process,
  • full confidentiality of Customer-related information (under NDA).
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                                   JM elektronik sp. z o.o.

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