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Results of “My Robot and I” competition

22 January 2019

We are happy to announce the winner of “My Robot and I” competition, which was organised by Primary School No. 30 in Zabrze-Helenka and Parent Council with the support of our company.

The competition involved programming LEGO robots. The submitted robots were presented on the fan page of Primary School No. 30 in Zabrze-Helenka, which is located next to our Production Facility. The winner was determined based on the number of likes under the film presenting their robot’s capabilities. All students who competed for the main prize funded by our company created robots that could move and make sounds. The contestants were building their robots during school time, with the number of hours provided for constructing the robot being strictly limited.

The winner, who will receive the main prize of PLN 1000 scholarship, is the creator of a robot named “ŁAZIK 15”, which received over one thousand likes. Congratulations!