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Millions HIGH Quality PCBAs manufactured for EU made in EU – guess how China get out!

Probably every German OEM producing in China has wondered what the Zero-Covid policy will bring them in the coming months, what the tightening of China’s course towards Taiwan or further US sanctions against China will cause. Increasing transport difficulties from China is having a devastating effect on the just-in-time concept and, as a result, on financial flexibility, as deadline is becoming unpredictable.  

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For the same reasons, repair services for appliances manufactured in China result in refund or replacement of the product with a new one, which costs even more.  

It is worth asking whether the total cost for manufacturing in China is currently attractive enough?

Is it worth reviewing the possibilities of production in Poland keeping cost competitiveness and flexibility? Business transactions within the European Union significantly improve business operations and reduce the risk of breaking the supply chain.

Is Poland worth considering? At JM elektronik, we have already produced millions of electronic devices for customers throughout the European Union. We offer the advantages of local conditions with lower labour costs and economic risks. By manufacturing at JM elektronik, our customers can compete on both quality and price. At the same time building the common wealth of the European Community.   

We work and win together!  

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Quality of PCB Assembly HIGH, but costs of labor and energy LOWER

Do you already know how it is possible? 

Delivery from Poland to the Scandinavian countries takes only 1-2 working days.

In Poland, labour costs are several times lower than in Western Europe, but living comfort has increased significantly. Even before the war in Ukraine, Poland was often chosen by Ukrainian and Belorussian workers as a place of permanent residence. The lack of language barriers and with a great dose of all-kinds tolerance has resulted in almost a million people from the Ukraine and Belarus living here, having chosen the region as a safe and definitive place to live.   

A peculiar ecosystem with access to potential employees has resulted in lower upward pressure on wages here than in other regions of Europe, despite low unemployment. Two centuries of industrial expansion have built up a specific culture of values, where work is respected and loyalty is highly valued.   

Due to the structure of power plants and coal mines with state ownership, the price of MWh in Poland was at a low level. Due to the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, the cost of electricity in Poland has increased, but still remains significantly lower than in Western Europe at 140 Euro/MWh. In electronics production, where soldering in reflow ovens and linear waves consumes large amounts of energy, its low price is important. 

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by locating contract electronics production at JM elektronik in Poland, where PCBA quality is high and labour and energy costs are lower. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Fill in the form below. 

Quality of PCB Assembly HIGH, but risks of broken supply chains and blackouts LOWER

Do you already know how it is possible?

Electronics manufacturing has recently become vulnerable to disrupted supply chains. Difficulties have been caused not only by the lack of availability of semiconductors, but even of passive components. JM elektronik is a contract manufacturer of electronics but also an established distributor of components in Poland. In these circumstances, we have repeatedly rescued our customers by helping them introduce ECO (Engineering Change Order) aimed at better availability of electronic components.

Broken supply chains have also included transportation problems, firstly by sea (lack of shipping containers) then by rail (broken routes via Ukraine and even Belarus) and finally by air (multiple price increases and restrictions on the transportation of electronics with lithium cells). Our customers in Western Europe have repeatedly highlighted how important the location of our plant is to them. It is known that it is most convenient to use shipping agents, but for emergencies we also have our own trucks ready to set off for Germany at any time.

The energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine has raised the risk of a blackout due to the shortage of gas. Our region is in a privileged position, where most of the coal industry and power plants in Poland are located, which reduces the risk of blackouts for the production facilities located here.

It is worth taking advantage of the opportunities offered by locating JM elektronik’s contract manufacturing in Poland, mitigating the risks of supply chain disruptions and even blackouts. The high quality of JM elektronik’s contract manufacturing is confirmed by the half of its output that is exported, its staff of professionals, its state-of-the-art machinery and its third-party quality certification.

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