Test and quality control

We particularly focus on error-free deliveries. To achieve excellent results, we run multi-stage tests and controls – whenever possible, done automatically. Our research and development work in terms of system testing is an answer to the constantly growing need of high quality delivereis. Where reasonably necessary, we cooperate with independent, certified laboratories in terms of analyses and research, running a spectrum of tests ordered by us and preparing relevant reports and elaborations.


We constantly analyse any non-compliance in processes and errors detected. We analyse the data using best practices and methodology ensuring the effective diagnosis of the given situation along with efficient elimination of any issues. Our tools include the use of Ishikawa diagrams or G8D reports. Our quality assurance team implements also the initiatives enabling to prevent quality issues by use of poka-yoke solution, regular staff trainings, not to mention clear and easy to understand work manuals. To ensure optimum results, we rely on advanced techniques and procedures as long as on a stable, experienced, well trained team of employees, identifying with the company.

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