Since the onset of our business operations, a crucial group of our clients included the manufacturers of medical equipment, which led us to the implementation of high-quality standards. Our focus on maintaining high quality enables us to ensure the feeling of security to our demanding Clients.


Each product assembled in JM elektronik, is labelled at the very beginning of the manufacturing process, and owing to the IT system, each operation at each and every workstation is registered in the data base by every operator with the use of terminals. Thus, we have a full overview of the entire process concerning each good manufactured, not to mention material traceability.


We have also identified all critical points of the manufacturing documents’ circulation so that all technological as well as Client’s requirements are met during the manufacturing process.


We work according to the quality management system based on ISO 9001:2015 standard as well as environmental management system based on ISO 14001:2015 standard.

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