PCB assembly

We specialise in printed circuits boards assembly. We focus on two fundamental methods of component assembly on printed circuit boards. We make Surface Mount Technology assembly with the use of high quality SMD components as well as Through Hole Technology with the use of wave, selective wave or hand-soldering. Depending on the estimated volume and the complexity of the board, we apply one of the methods, considering, most of all, the effeciency, quality and cost effectiveness of the solutions.


We apply the highest standards at all times, pursuant to relevant standards (in particular the IPC-A610 standard and other guidelines for technological processes in the electronics industry). The experience of our process engineers team cannot be overestimated. Assembly processes are subject to careful quality control, the plans of which are designed for each product separately, considering its specifics.


We ensure traceability of materials as well as individual boards throughout the entire process, and we care of optimum conditions owing to the implementation of lean manufacturing methodology, 5S, ensuring electrostatic safety (ESD protected area), as well as ensuring MSD safety.


Please download the documents required for comprehensive EMS service quoting and contact us at ems@jm.pl

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