Materials for production

Considering the fact that in parallel to the manufacturing operations, we run electronic components distribution business, we exceptionally well handle the supplies of components for production.


We deliver all electronic, mechanical components and PCBs. We order printed circuit boards from one of our carefully selected suppliers. We choose the supplier best suited to the complexity of the given circuit, fitting it into the supplier's manufacturing capabilities.

Despite we offer turn-key service in some cases, we handle production using consigned material supplied by the client if needed. 


We observe stringent restrictions in terms of material selection. Depending on a given Client's requirements, we adequately manage any potential alternative materials. In some instances, we also run FPA procedures to approve the implemented changes.


Only having full control over the supplies of components, we are secure about the outcome - the quality and on-time delivery.


Depending on the expectations and capabilities of the given Client, we agree on the optimal method of forecasting and materials purchase procedure. Our objective is to ensure optimum balance between high quality, low costs, attractive unit prices and short delivery terms.


We have also implemented effective and agile methods of managing engineering change as one of the most complex aspects of electronic devices production. Thus, our Customers can efficiently introduce necessary modifications and immediately market the improved versions of the product.


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