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JM elektronik sp. z o.o.

ul. Karolinki 58

44-100 Gliwice, Poland

tel. +48 32 339 69 00

fax. +48 32 339 69 09




Since the beginning of business activity manufacturers of medical equipment have been the essential group of our Customers. Thanks to a focus on high quality, our Clients are satisfied with the supplied services and have a sense of high security.


Each product assembled in JM elektronik is provided with a bar code at the very  beginning of the manufacturing process, and thanks to the MES system each operation conducted by any operator on any workplace is recorded in our database. This way traceability for any manufactured product and operation is provided. Also the circulation of production documentation undergoes analyses for any risks and the most sensitive points, to ensure that we meet technical requirements and those of our Clients.


We have established a proper documentation flow to guarantee that all Customers’ requirements are met during assembly process.