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JM elektronik sp. z o.o.

ul. Karolinki 58

44-100 Gliwice, Poland

tel. +48 32 339 69 00

fax. +48 32 339 69 09



Our offer

We offer manufacturing services for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), who want to focus on essential business operations instead of standard processes. Additionally, we accept orders for outsourcing of any issues linked to manufacturing of electronics related products.


We usually manufacture standard batches of 100 - 5000 products. We have expertise in delivering advanced as well as standard products and assemblies. Thanks to an individual approach to each Client, we are able to prepare an optimal offer that will meet all their needs.


Main business benefits for our customers:

  • Focus of top management  on key processes and competitive  advantages  (usually R&D and marketing)
  • Reduced demand for capital (warehouse, logistics, investment in means of production, facilities, advanced MRP IT system, costs related to employment, technologies, inspections, storage etc.)
  • Improvement of economic ratios (ROI, cash conversion cycle, inventory rotation) thanks to an optimal use of resources
  • Prevention of risk related to employed personnel (shortage of skilled staff, staff fluctuation, excess of employees during an economic downturn)
  • Access to advanced technologies without the necessity of constant investments
  • Significant increase of organisation flexibility – a benefit that cannot be overestimated in a constantly  changing economy.


Similarly to logistics, the assembly of electronics makes for a standard process. However, for it to be efficiently performed, it is required to ensure diligent planning, good organisation, an optimal use of equipment and highly qualified employees. Any illusory savings result in poor efficiency and performance of the process and consequently losses, delays and finally increased, unexpected costs.


As we specialise in manufacturing of electronics, we have established expertise in this field. Our facilities run in two shifts, often 6 days a week. Therefore, any investments in this field are efficient in terms of the scale of activity, specialisation, improvement of processes.